About itim focus

It is our mission to support change managers in increasing your professionalism by setting new standards in the field of change management. We do this by equipping you with the best tools available in the market.

Our scans and tools are all based on scientific research undertaken by the renown Geert Hofstede and his colleagues in the eighties of last century. In cooperation with Geert Hofstede we have developed an analytical tool, called the Hofstede model©, to assess quickly and precisely the cultures and sub-cultures of your clients.

As a follow-up to the actual culture(s) identified by our quick scans, we have built a whole suit of tools to ensure that your clients will be able to define the optimal culture(s) in a precise and consistent way. If major gaps are found between the actual and optimal culture(s) additional tools are available to bridge those gaps in the most focused way possible.

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